Janitorial Services

Contracting with RESPECT provides employment opportunities
for individuals with disabilities.

Pricing will range from $0.68 to $4.90 per square foot depending on the regional area of the state where the work will be performed, and the complexity of the services requested.


Price per sq. ft. is determined by the customer's scope of service and will vary based on features of the scope such as cleaning frequency, number of locations, staff requirements, traffic, building occupancy levels, prevailing wages etc.

Cost Drivers:

Level of Service:
Standard Office Cleaning Services
Executive Office Cleaning Services
Medical/Health Care Facility Cleaning Services
Clean Room Facility Cleaning Services

Services can be Provided:
1 to 7 days per week
Day and/or Night
24-hour Seven Days per week Service

Additional Options:
Chemical and Supply Provision
Carpet Cleaning
Hard Floor Care
Window Cleaning
Day Porters
Periodic requirements
Multiple sites located at various remote locations
And more!

Janitorial Services Offered:

Include but not limited to:
Office Cleaning
Restroom Cleaning
Kitchen/Break Room Cleaning
Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming, Dusting
Empty Trash/Recycle Receptacles
Clean Partitions, Walls, Glass Doors, Windows, Mirrors
Clean Baseboards and Window Blinds
Replenish Soap and Paper Products
And more!



Call RESPECT for a quote!!  Our experienced Project Managers will help you develop, design and implement a cost effective cleaning strategy by tailoring your scope to minimize cost while maximizing cleaning services to meet your agency's needs. RESPECT Project Managers provide quality assurance to ensure customers receive the best possible services.


Our capabilities include CIMS Certified Services, computerized quality assurance monitoring, and contracts in excess of 500,000 sq. ft. in select markets.

Call RESPECT at 850.942.3555 for a quote.


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