Fleet Detailing and Maintenance Services

Contracting with RESPECT provides employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Price is determined by the customer's scope of service and will vary based on features of the scope such as frequency of service, multiple locations, traffic, staff requirements, size/type of vehicle, prevailing wages etc.


Cost Drivers:

  • Quantity, Sizes and Types of Vehicles
  • Frequency of Service
  • Daily/Nightly Goals
  • Geographic Location

Service Frequency:

1 to 7 days per week


Fleet Detailing and Maintenance Services Offered:

Include but not limited to:

  • Interior and Exterior Cleaning
  • Interior Dust and Polish
  • Clean Windshield, Windows
  • Sweep and/or Vacuum Vehicle
  • Empty Trash
  • Remove Graffiti, Gum, Stickers
  • Empty Fare Boxes
  • Deodorize Vehicle
  • Inspect Vehicle and Report Damages

Minor Maintenance:

  • Fuel Vehicle
  • Maintain Fluid Levels
  • Check Tire Pressure
  • Check Lighting Systems (Headlights, Interior Lights, Exterior Lights)
  • And More!


Call RESPECT for a quote!! Our experienced Contract Managers will help you develop, design and implement a cost effective cleaning/maintenance strategy that will keep the fleet clean and help minimize cost while maximizing services. RESPECT Contract Managers provide quality assurance to ensure customers receive the best possible services.


Call RESPECT at 850-942-3555 for a quote.