Asset Maintenance Services (Janitorial, Groundskeeping, and Minor Repairs)

Rest Areas, Welcome Centers, Weigh-in-Motion Stations and Scales

Service Type: Janitorial and/or Grounds Maintenance

Price Range: $12.74 to $21.94 per man hour

Contracting with RESPECT provides employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

When the traveling public stops to take a break at a rest area and walks into a fresh smelling, clean environment it sets a positive tone for Florida. RESPECT of Florida has been providing janitorial and grounds maintenance services to FDOT Rest Areas, Welcome Centers, Weigh-in-Motion Stations and Scale Facilities for over 25 years!

The price per man hour is determined by the customer's scope of service and can vary depending on the regional area of the state where the work will be performed and the complexity of the services requested. Other factors determining price are staffing requirements, age of the facility, traffic, prevailing wages, minor maintenance, etc.

All services are provided in accordance with the Florida Department of Transportation Handbook for the Uniform Inspection of Rest Areas, Welcome Centers, and Truck Comfort Stations.

Five Reasons to Use RESPECT:

  • RESPECT is exempt from the bid process per chapter 413, F.S.  Procurement takes days rather than weeks or months, which will save your agency time and money.
  • RESPECT pricing has been approved by the Florida Department of Management Services to ensure Fair Market Value.
  • RESPECT has been contracting with state agencies for over 30 years and understands the legal and administrative requirements.
  • Each contract is assigned a RESPECT Contract Manager that has experience in the industry and will provide professional oversight and a high level of quality control to ensure contract goals are met.
  • Excellent customer service!

Call RESPECT for a quote!! Our experienced Contract Managers will help you develop, design and implement a cost effective maintenance strategy by tailoring your scope to minimize cost while maximizing services to meet your agency's needs. RESPECT Contract Managers provide quality assurance to ensure customers receive the best possible services.


Call RESPECT at 850-942-3555 for a quote.