Groundskeeping Services

Contracting with RESPECT provides employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Price is determined by the customer's scope of service and will vary based on features of the scope such as turf area/acreage to be mowed such as Office Complexes, Retention Ponds, Right of Way Mowing, etc.

There are 3 different service categories:

Ground Maintenance (Includes mowing, edging, trimming, and blowing of grass, sidewalks, and parking lots.) - Pricing ranges from $18.14 to $38.96 per man hour.

Roadway Mowing (Includes tractors, mowing grass, and vegetated areas.) - Pricing ranges from $21.98 to $87.92 per acre.

Litter Removal (Includes pick up, removal, and disposal of litter.) - Pricing ranges from $1.95 to $7.93 per acre.


Cost Drivers:

  • Frequency of Service
  • Type of Equipment
  • Acreage/Turf Area
  • Level of Detail
  • Complexity of Landscape
  • Max Height of Vegetation Requirement
  • Vegetation Density
  • Geographic Location
  • Number and Location of Sites


Grounds Maintenance Services Offered:

Include but not limited to:

  • Mowing (Includes Tract, Right of Way and Large Machine)
  • Blowing, Weeding, Edging
  • Trimming (Hedges, Shrubs and Small Trees)
  • Mulch Landscaped Areas
  • Rake and Remove Clippings
  • Pressure Washing
  • Litter Pick-up
  • Retention Pond Grounds Maintenance
  • Tower Grounds Maintenance (Cell, Radio, etc.)
  • Emptying Trash Receptacles and Ash Urns


Call RESPECT for a quote!! Our experienced Contract Managers will help you develop, design and implement a cost effective grounds maintenance strategy by tailoring your scope to minimize cost while maximizing the services to meet your agency's needs. RESPECT Contract Managers provide quality assurance to ensure customers receive the best possible services.


Call RESPECT at 850-942-3555 for a quote.