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Multi-Dip Card tests for AMP, COC, mAMP, OPI, OXY & THC

The OralTox is a rapid oral fluid drug test that delivers fast, accurate results anytime and anywhere.
  • Observed collections alleviates adulteration concerns common with urine testing.
  • Fast, accurate results in minutes.
  • Clear and easy to read.
  • FDA approved.
  • 25 tests per box.

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    ALCOSCREEN 02 DOT Approved Alcohol Screening Test Strip - 24 Test Strips Per Box

    The Alco-Screen 02 is the simplest, most cost effective method of monitoring for alcohol consumption in a DOT Zero Tolerance testing program. The zero tolerance level for federally mandated DOT testing programs is .02% blood alcohol content (BAC). The Alco-Screen 02 uses this zero tolerance level (.02% BAC) as the detection level set point for the test strip resulting in the simplest method of test administration and interpretation. Alcohol detection using a saliva sample can be more sensitive and accurate compared to breath tests because the relationship between the amount of saliva alcohol content and blood alcohol content is 1:1 while with equivalent breath alcohol content it is .000048:1.

  • Highly sensitive detection method to detect blood alcohol concentration in saliva
  • Collect anywhere, anytime
  • Simple one step 4 minute test
  • No False Positives
  • CLIA WAIVED Alcohol Test
  • FDA 510(k) Cleared
  • Packaging: 24/Box, 12 Boxes/Case

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