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KCD Emulsifier for efficient FOG control. KCD just fixes FOG. That is its main use.

KCD is a ruggedly reliable, non-toxic, FOG emulsifier. KCD-mobilized FOG can be more easily vacuumed or pumped. KCD also removes FOG-clogs in pipes and force mains. Safe, simple, easy to use – no mixing or measuring required.

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Complete lift station maintenance product.

A powerful all-natural post conditioner which reduces grease mat build-up over time. Micro-abrasion of inner surfaces loosen and provides improved miscibility between the water and oil phases. KCD-X reduces odorous gases in both water and air. The reduction in harmful noxious gases prevents corrosion, extends the life of the equipment, and reduces the need for costly maintenance. All-in-one treatment for wastewater collections wells, lines, and force mains. Controls and removes H2S (hydrogen sulfide), Odors, VOCs, Halogens, and FOG.

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Kationx SETTApHY Natural Flocculant

All natural kationic wastewater flocculant. Natural flocculant for settling biosolids and digester sludge. Lowers TSS/TDS/nitrates/phosphates/ammonia in discharged effluent.

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