SKU# 477-100-500-0003

3-in-1 Gel (Shampoo, Body Wash, and Shave Gel), 1000 per Case

  • This one-time use packet can be used as a shave gel, shampoo and body wash
  • Clear, flexible packaging designed for safety in behavioral health and correctional institutions

Manufacturer #: PEN200407, OraLine-Secure

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Price: $ 151.40

SKU# 477-100-500-0005

High Security Flexible Flossers, 500 per Case

Secure floss picks are made of pliable plastic that resist tampering.

Manufacturer #: PEN200500, OraLine-Secure

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Price: $ 45.81

SKU# 477-100-500-0002

High Security Roll-on Deodorant, 72 per Case

Roll-on deodorant in clear tube shows hidden objects. Contains no alcohol or stick.

Manufacturer #: PEN200405

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Price: $ 142.78

SKU# 477-100-500-0004

High Security Razors, 1000 per Case

  • OraLine® security razor is designed for use in correctional facilities
  • Made with minimal structural plastic handles, a reduced blade and a redesigned hard cover to highlight possible tampering and alert staff to potential dangers
  • The pliable plastic makes it difficult to melt down to a point
  • The red hard cover weld design reduces tampering by making it impossible to remove the blade without destroying the blade housing

Manufacturer #: PEN200400, OraLine-Secure

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Price: $ 221.65

SKU# 477-100-500-0001

Single Use Packets, 1000 per Case

  • Designed for safety in correctional institutions
  • Flexible packaging provides built-in resistance to inmate tampering
  • Helps ensure proper inmate health and staff security

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Price: $ 110.21