RESPECT Oversight Committee

RESPECT’s primary oversight comes from the RESPECT Oversight Committee (ROC). The committee meets quarterly and consists of ten members representing a cross-section of RESPECT-affiliated Employment Centers and government agencies. As RESPECT’s primary Advisory Committee, the following members provide programmatic oversight to ensure that the RESPECT program achieves its stated mission:


Shirley Balogh, President and CEO
Alliance for Independence, Inc.
Lakeland, Florida

Ivan Cosimi, CEO
SMA Behavioral Healthcare
Daytona Beach, Florida

Rich Gilmartin, President
The Lakeview Center, Inc.
Pensacola, Florida

Lee Nasehi, President and CEO
Lighthouse Works
Orlando, Florida

Karen Higgins, President and CEO
St. Petersburg, Florida

Jonathan W. May, Executive Director
Pine Castle, Inc.
Jacksonville, Florida

Tina Philips, President and CEO
Palm Beach Habilitation Center, Inc.
Lake Worth, Florida

Stephen Bailey, Executive Director
CARC - Advocates for Citizens with Disabilities
Lake City, Florida



 ROC Chair:  Shirley Balogh


BDC Chair:  Tom Derzypolski


Business Development Committee

The RESPECT program receives input and guidance from the Business Development Committee (BDC). As a consulting body to RESPECT, the BDC is involved in the development of ideas and strategies that will result in job development for individuals with disabilities. The BDC members pool their expertise and business acumen and expertise to guide and advance RESPECT’s commodities and services programs. The Committee Members include:


Tom Derzypolski, Principal
BowStern Marketing Communications
Tallahassee, FL

Shirley Balogh, President and CEO
Alliance for Independence, Inc.
Lakeland, FL

Warren David, Policy Analyst
Career Source Florida
Tallahassee, FL

Jim Scarboro, Senior V.P. of Institutional Banking and Treasury Management
Capital City Bank Group
Tallahassee, FL

Sylvia Perez, Executive Director
Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind
Port Richey, FL


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